Mike Clay is the Chairman for hiking. A group from SIR 77, SIR 172 and SIR 136 do a day hike of moderate difficulty, generally between 8 and 12 miles for the full distance but shorter options are nearly always possible. Hikes take place every Friday and are usually somewhere along the 108 corridor. Call Mike – 588-1345.

Friday January 31st – Snowshoe Hike near Dodge Ridge

Hiking down the Ridge Trail

Friday January 24th – Gee Whiz Point, New Melones

Hiking near Gee Whiz Point, New Melones

Friday January 17th – Snowshoe hike at Lyons Dam

Hiking down from Lyons Dam Scale

Friday January 10th – Hike at Red Hills to Six Bit Creek and Poor Man’s Gulch.

Descending to Six Bit Creek

Friday December 27th – New Melones

New Melones

December 6th – Snowshoe hike

Snowshoeing down Rock and Roll near Gooseberry Creek

Friday November 22nd – Pinecrest to Bumblebee

Pinecrest Lake

Friday November 8th – Chewing Gum Lake

Chewing Gum Lake

Friday November 1st – Cherry Creek Canyon

Cherry Creek Canyon

Friday October 4th – Pinecrest Peak

Lunch on Pinecrest Peak










Friday September 27th – Dodge Ridge to South Fork River


Friday September 20th – The Iceberg, Clark Fork

The Iceberg

Friday August 2nd – Powell Lake and the South Fork of the Stanislaus River

Powell Lake

Friday July 19th – Clark Fork and Boulder Lake

Steve – Small burned area along Boulder Creek

Friday July 12th – Bell Meadow and Mud Lake

Mud Lake

Friday July 5th – Bear Lake and Lily Creek

Bear Lake Dam

Friday June 28th – Donnell Dam and Niagara Creek Falls

Friday June 7th – An epic hike to the top of Yosemite Falls and to Yosemite Point

Upper Yosemite Falls

Friday May 31st saw us dodging rain showers on Crandall Peak

Hiking in the rain

Friday May 24th back to the snow again for a snowshoe hike at Dodge Ridge

Dodge Ridge – Dick Chimento photo

Friday May 17th the hike was along the shore of Lake Don Pedro at the Blue Oaks Campground

Lake Don Pedro


Friday May 10th a trip to Kennedy Meadows led to a hike in the snow on Night Cap Peak

View from Night Cap Peak Trail – Steve Happel photo

Friday May 3nd the hike was to Fahey Meadow.

Fahey Meadow and snowy peaks

Friday April 26th the hike was to North Mountain near Hetch Hetchy

Climbing the ridge to North Mountain Lookout









Friday April 12th the hike was to Table Mountain.

Friday March 29th the hike was to Knights Ferry

Friday March 22nd the hike was to Grant Ridge

Grant Ridge

Friday March 5th the hike was to the Tuttletown area of New Melones

Tuttletown – March 15th

Friday January 11th there was a snowshoe hike to Punch Bowl which is near the Gargoyles

Friday November 9th the hike will be to Waterhouse Lake.

Dick pointing out a challenge for the afternoon

Friday November 2nd Mono Pass, Yosemite

Final leg to top of Mono Pass

Friday October 5th Leavitt Lake

Leavitt Lake

Friday September 28th Herring Creek

Dennis, Dick, Becky and Dave at Herring Creek Reservoir

The hike on Friday September 21st was up St Mary’s Pass to Stanislaus Peak.

Stanislaus Peak

The hike on Friday August 3rd was to Castle Rock from Eagle Meadows

Photo by Dick Chimenti

The hike on Friday July 27th was to Lower Eagle Meadow Ridge.

View from Lower Eagle Meadow Ridge

The hike Friday June 15 was to Camp Lake and Groundhog Meadow near Crabtree Trailhead.

Camp Lake

The hike on June 8th was to Lake Eleanor.

The hike on June 1st was to Rancheria Falls, Hetch Hetchy. Photo by Dick Chimenti.

Last weeks hike was to the North Fork of the Stanislaus River starting in the North Grove of Calaveras Big Trees (in the rain!).

North Fork Stanislaus River – photo by Dick Chimenti

The hike on May 18th was from Sand Bar Flat Campground to Beardsley Dam

Beardsley Dam spillway

The hike on Friday May 11th was to Cherry Creek Canyon above Cherry Lake

The hike on Friday May 4th was to Fahey Meadow

The hike on Friday April 27th was along the Tuolumne River at Lumsden Road, near Groveland.

The hike on Friday April 20th was at Deer Creek near Lyons Dam.

Dennis, Steve, Chuck and Cyril on Crandall Ridge

The hike on Friday April 13th was at Peoria Basin and Table Mountain.

View of New Melones Dam and the Reservoir

The hike on Friday March 23rd was at Red Hills.

David, Steve, Tom and Cyril

Two week’s ago the hike was a snowshoe hike from Crabtree Snow Trailhead.

Ridge Trail

On Friday 16th the hike was a loop hike at Leland Meadows.

Leland Snowplay area

February 9th the hike was at Bald Mountain near Little Sweden.

On Bald Mountain near Helitack Base

February 2nd the hike was to Deer Creek and Grant Ridge with many great views!

Grant Ridge – photo courtesy of Dick Chimenti, SIR 172

Above – Grant Ridge

Below – Duckwall Mountain, December 11, 2017