SIERRA SIR BRANCH #77 FEBRUARY NEWSLETTER                                      

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Next Event Thursday March 9, 2023 at the Elks Lodge

SIERRA SIR Branch #77 usually meets at the Sonora Elks Lodge on the second Thursday of the month unless notified otherwise. Board meets at 10:00, Happy hour 11:00, and lunch at noon. Price $20. If you cannot attend a regular luncheon or have a guest to bring, please call 209-259-0140 and leave a message.


BIG SIR Updates  Donald Ronalter (984-9383

2023 Annual $25.00 Membership Dues start in January.

Please pay in the January/February meeting or mail your check to:
SIR 77
222 Barretta St #44
Sonora, CA 95370

The newsletter is now sent out two weeks before the monthly meetings to remind members of the upcoming luncheon.

We currently have 112 registered members in Sierra SIR Branch 77 and one new application. We are obligated to pay our caterer at least 50 luncheons in order for him to break-even.  We have been averaging 40 – 50 members per meeting which means we are paying out of our savings each meeting.  Because of the low attendance the branch membership agreed in the September 2021 meeting to temporarily raise the luncheon price to $20 until the attendance level returns. Three things need to happen

1)   By one week before each meeting let us know your attendance status:

Leave a message at 209-259-0140 our Branch 77 Message Center
Send an email to

2)   We need more of you attending our monthly meetings. (The price will go down)

3)   We need you to get more of your friends to join Branch 77

Additional Big SIR Items:

2023 Calendars were sent to the membership

By March we must send an updated Branch 77 roster to State SIR

The State SIR organization stopped requiring proof of Covid test document

LITTLE SIR UPDATES We need a volunteer to be our 2023 Little Sir.


MEMBERSHIP  Donald Ronalter (209-984-9383)  Oversees addresses for the newsletter, whether email or postal. Anyone who is not receiving a newsletter may have incorrect information on file.  The newsletter contains important information, so we are anxious to ensure that you receive your copy.

NEWSLETTER  Ed Fernandez (209-559-2186)

The deadline for input to the newsletter is the 18th of each month.

PROPANE  Craig Hempler (209-588-1096)  If you are unfamiliar with our propane program or have questions about it, please contact Craig.  To participate in the program all you have to do is be a SIR 77 member in good standing and to do that you just have to have your dues paid by the March meeting.

WEBSITE: Danny Laureta



GOLF CHAIRMAN:  Danny Laureta




Branch 77 Branch Executive Committee (BEC)                                                              

BEC Officers:

Big SIR       Donald Ronalter
Little SIR    – vacant
Secretary     Mike Clay
Treasure      Jim Stenger

BEC Directors:

Director Craig Hempler Year 2
Director Dick Mitchell Year 1
Director Ken Lucas Year 3
Director Mariano Garces Year 2
Director Tony Pedroncelli Year 1

BEC Members

Membership Chair – Donald Ronalter
Nominating Committee Chair – Danny Laureta
Publicity Chair – Will Reich
Web Master – Danny Laureta
Bulletin Editor – Ed Fernandez