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Next Event Thur. Jan 9th at the Elks Lodge

SIERRA SIR Branch #77 usually meets at the Sonora Elks Lodge on the second Thursday of the month unless notified otherwise. Board meets at 10:00, Happy hour 11:00, and lunch at noon. Regular lunch price $15. If you cannot attend a regular luncheon, have a guest to bring, or want to request a vegetarian plate, please call 510-981-4610 and leave a message for the Membership Chairman (TBD)


GOLF:  Managed by SIR Branch 136.  Kent Kirkland ( is our SIR Branch 77 liaison.  

HIKING:  (Mike Clay 588-1345)  A group from SIR 77, SIR 172 , and SIR 136 do a day hike of moderate difficulty, generally between 10 and 12 miles.  Hikes take place every Friday throughout the year and are usually somewhere along the 108 corridor. Our website provides more details. 

LUNCH: Sirloin tips, Carrots, Green Salad, and Chocolate pudding.

2020 Lunch Menu Changes: Starting next year we are working on an option to special-preorder a baked cod fish dinner for your luncheon. The price would be the same as the regular dinner but it must be ordered in advance. Unfortunately a No-Show would still be liable for the cost of the dinner because this is a special orders to the caterer. More to follow as we work out the details

PINOCHLE: The pinochle group meets at the Senior Center on Greenly Road next to the Library in Sonora.  We play every Monday from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm.  Some of us eat breakfast or lunch together at 12:00 pm until 1:00 pm sharp when the playing begins. We are always looking for more SIR members to join us.  Call Jerry Morrison (605-2090) if you have questions.

THEATER:  Twain Harte Branch 172 has invited our members and wives or partners to participate in their Sierra Rep Theater (SRT) activity.  They attend matinees of six plays a year at steep ticket price discounts.  2020 Schedule to be determined

OTHER: Among other available activities are: travel, horseshoes, biking, kayaking, and fishing.  Call George Kellerman at 533-9083 for current status.


BIG SIR Dennis Hembrey (532-1639) Hello brother SIR. thank all of you who came to the Christmas Luncheon there was a great turnout and I think everyone had a good time it is now time to say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new. I look forward to seeing all of you in January to start off a new year in SIR. The January meeting will be a business meeting letting you all know how our group is doing We will also have Dana Mayo from the propane company in to answer any questions you might have. Please remember that dues are due starting in January and they are $25 this year. Just so everyone knows next year Joe Sveum will be little Sir, Mike Clay is Secretary, Jim Stenger is Treasurer, Mel Slife is Chaplain. Looking forward to seeing you all there


MEMBERSHIP: Oversees addresses for the newsletter, whether email or postal. Anyone who is not receiving a newsletter may have incorrect information on file.  The newsletter contains important information, so we are anxious to ensure that you receive your copy. 

NEWSLETTER (Ed Fernandez 559-2186)  The deadline for input to the newsletter is the 18th of each month.

Editorial: Pickle ball is a fast growing sport in the country. A coed competitive game usually played by doubles on a court about ¼ the size of tennis using paddles and a tennis sized wiffle ball. It is fast, loads of fun, and easy on the legs. With no experience I started 6 months ago with a group and now as the oldest player more than hold my own. Anyone interested in forming a group (interested wives included ) to play at the Twain Harte courts (easily handle 8-16 players) let me know. Ed 559-2186  

PROPANE (Craig Hempler 588-1096)  If you are unfamiliar with our propane program or have questions about it, please contact Craig.

WEBSITE Steve Burrows (533-3248)

FELLOWSHIP (Program Director Ed Boddington 536-1777)  If you know of another SIR who has died, is sick, injured or in need of a little cheer, give Ed Boddington a call with the details.  Ed will send him or his family an appropriate card right away.