SIERRA SIR BRANCH #77 NOVEMBER NEWSLETTER                                    

Next Event Thur. Nov. 8th at the Elks Lodge

SIERRA SIR Branch #77 usually meets at the Sonora Elks Lodge on the second Thursday of the month unless notified otherwise. Board meets at 10:00, Happy hour 11:00, and lunch at noon. Regular lunch price $14. If you cannot attend a regular luncheon, have a guest to bring, or want to request a vegetarian plate, please call 510-981-4610 and leave a message for Membership and Attendance Chairman Paul Shell. 

NOVEMBER LUNCH: Roast turkey, stuffing, corn or maybe peas, candied yams, salad, pumpkin pie. This meeting is a must-attend.  Big Sir has been working months on arranging for our secret/surprise guest speaker and you will not want to miss this meeting.

BIG SIR (George Kellerman 533-9083)

We are pleased to introduce four new members who were inducted at our September meeting.  Please extend a warm welcome to Dave Courtney, Dale Keyser, Roger Lindahn, and Peter Smith.  Thank you, Ed Boddington, for sponsoring Dave and Dick Mitchell for sponsoring Roger. I had the honor of sponsoring Dale and Peter.  Our four newest members are terrific guys.  Please get to know them!

Great news!  We have welcomed 17 new members in 2018.  Every one is a man we can be proud of. Please sponsor a friend and help us get to 20 this year! 

Your Branch Executive Committee voted at its August and September meetings to present the following officers for 2019: Big Sir Donald Ronalter, Little Sir Denny Hembry, Treasurer Jim Stenger, and Secretary Mike Clay.  At our September luncheon, our members voted to affirm these Officers.  Congratulations! 

LITTLE SIR Donald Ronalter (984-9383) 

In Big SIR George’s absence I had the privilege of introducing a new member David Adams into our SIR77.  He comes from several areas around our state and we are glad he made the Sonora area and our branch #77 his new home.

On the SIR77 Business side, the general membership voted in several positions as follows:

Paul Shell was elected the Membership/Attendance Committee Chair for the remainder of 2018 and 2019

The following directors were elected for SIR77 2019
1 year directors Ed Boddington, Craig Hempler and Lorin Smith
2 year directors Jay Harris and Ken Lucas
3 year director Dick Mitchell

Our October guest speaker was Lt. Robert Kelsey who is the Public Information Officer for the CDCR Sierra Conservation Center.  He did a great job of covers the recent riots at that facility, overcrowding, and many other area.  The Q&A went a little long but it was needed as there was lots of interest. We presented him with a SIR77 framed certificate of appreciation for his service to our community and taking time to present to us

CHRISTMAS PARTY: Our annual Christmas Party will be held on Thursday, December 13th at the Elk’s Lodge.  Happy Hour will start at 3 pm.  Sumptuous dinner (your choice of steak, prime rib, or salmon) to follow at 4 pm in the festive dining room. Tickets are $24 each which include wine at the table. The Board has elected to pass on gift exchanges this year. The party is an opportunity for spouses, partners, or dates to join in the fun, though singles are more than welcome. Craig Hempler will have tickets for sale beginning at our October meeting on Thursday, October 11th.  Please mark your calendar!