Meeting was called to order by BIG Sir Donald Ronalter at 10:04

Secretary Mike Clay called roll, a quorum was present.

Officers present were Big Sir Donald Ronalter, Little Sir Dennis Hembrey, Secretary Mike Clay, Treasurer Jim Stenger. 1 yr Director Craig Hempler. Apology for absence from Ed Boddington 2 yr Director Jay Harris, Ken Lucas 3 yr Director Tony Pedroncelli Also present were – Membership Chairman Paul Shell, Past Big Sir Larry Leatham, Past Big Sir George Kellerman, Pastor Melvin Slife and Past Secretary Felix Ledbetter

Minutes for August 7th 2019 were read. MSP to accept..

Treasurer Jim Stenger reported we had $3,700.22 in the bank at the end of August. He reported that we lost money on the Picnic ticket sales. He was awaiting the cost of the drinks but making allowance for this we lost about $400. However, the raffle brought in $506 with all prizes being donated. This means we made a profit overall of about $100.

Membership Chairman Paul Shell said that had sold his house and will be moving on October 5th. He will pass his files to Big Sir Donald for safe keeping. Donald has volunteered to be Membership Chairman for 2020. Interim arrangements are to be finalized. There were no new member applications to vote on.

Little Sir Dennis Hembrey gave an update on speakers. Today it would be Laura Krieg the Tuolumne County District Attorney. In October he plans to arrange for one of our members to speak. For November he is thinking of a return visit by the ex Wing Walker who spoke a couple of years back.

Big Sir Donald Ronalter noted the passing of 3 members – Gene Bonomi, Rod Hollingsworth and Vern Penn. Phil Jones has left, it was proposed that Melvin Slife should be the new pastor MSP.

Donald led a discussion on the Christmas Dinner which will be on December 12th with cocktails at 3:00 and dinner at 4:00. It was agreed that the menu would be as usual. The cost of the meal to us will increase by $1. An increase to $25 for the members was proposed, MSP. A tip of $150 for the wait staff was proposed, MSP. Donald said that he has booked Jazz at 8, a tip of $200 for the group was proposed, MSP.

Back to the name change. Proposal to change the name with Secretary of State to “Sierra SIR Branch No 77 Inc.” MSP This was later put to the membership and was passed.

Donald recorded appreciation for those who helped with the picnic, in particular Craig Hempler for ticket sales and Ed Boddington for the raffle. Ed had presented a report on the raffle for the meeting and a copy is attached to these minutes.

RAMP Chairman George Kellerman gave an update on recruitment.

NEW BUSINESS: There was no new business discussed.

Meeting adjourned at 10:51

Next BEC meeting:.Thursday October 10th at 10:00 a.m. at the Elks.