Meeting was called to order by Big Sir Donald Ronalter at 10:05 Secretary Mike Clay called the roll, a quorum was present.

Officers present were Big Sir Donald Ronalter, Treasurer Jim Stenger, Secretary Mike Clay. Director Yr 3 Craig Hempler
Director Yr 2 Tony Pedroncelli
Director Yr 1 Ken Lucas

Joe Domogalla offered his apologies since he is currently snowed in. Membership Chairman Danny Laureta and Bowling Chairman Mike Coe were also present.

Minutes for February 2023 were read. A motion was made to accept the minutes as presented. Moved by Ken Lucas and seconded by Craig Hempler. The motion was passed. There are no changes to be made to Form 20.

Treasurer Jim Stenger reported that the bank balance at the end of January was $6,359.88. The Golf account has a current balance of $2,380.56. There is an outstanding action to have an additional signer for the golf account. Awaiting action from Danny Laureta and Dave Siudzinski. Jim said that we had reported a new high of 122 members. Last month we collected an additional $500 in dues. Last month the lunch costs were $1,307 and we collected $1,420 for a result of $113 to the good.

Big Sir Donald Ronalter has called the members who had not paid dues. He listed those who said they had or would mail a check. 6 are still outstanding. He has email addresses for all of these and will contact them one last time. The deadline for submission to J S West is 1st April. There was a discussion on whether to add new members to the propane list during the year and it was decided we would stay with a policy of updating the list only in April. Donald said that there are no updates on the Elks rental contract and lunch price.

Big Sir Donald noted that there are still open positions on the BEC. No new volunteers have been received.

Donald gave a report on the speaker in the absence of Joe Domogalla. Today’s speaker will be Cathie Peacock from Interfaith.

As Membership Chairman Donald gave a report. Form 027 was sent to the State by the end of the month. Current membership roster shows 116 members including those as yet unpaid. New members to be voted on today are Barry Boyles, Frank Rands and John Briscow who have already paid and provisionally Greg Holly and John Nolan depending on payment of dues. The motion to approve these members was made by Donald Ronalter and seconded by Mike Clay. The motion was passed.

The call in for attendance at today’s meeting was in line with last month with 81 calling in or 70% of members. A total of 85 are expected for today’s lunch.

Other business – Danny Laureta has started on the update of the website. Mike Clay is available to assist with training.

Preparations are continuing for the May Ladies Day. Danny Laureta will start the sale of tickets today with booking of table seating.

Meeting adjourned at 11:02
Next BEC meeting: April 13th at 10:00 a.m.