Meeting was called to order by Big Sir Dennis Hembrey at 10:03

Secretary Mike Clay called the roll, a quorum was present.

Officers present were Big Sir Dennis Hembrey, Secretary Mike Clay, Treasurer Jim Stenger. 1 yr Director Jay Harris, Ken Lucas 2 yr Director Dick Mitchell, Tony Pedroncelli 3 yr Director Donald Ronalter Also present was Past Big Sir George Kellerman, Past Director Craig Hempler and Past Secretary Felix Ledbetter.

Minutes for January 9th, 2020 were read. MSP to accept.

Treasurer Jim Stenger reported we had $4,976.59 in the bank account at the end of January. Last month we sold 67 tickets for lunch versus 77 needed to break even. Total proceeds were $1,005. Dues received were $1,775. So total deposits were $2,780. Expenses were $53.07. There was a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report, MSP.

Membership Chairman Donald Ronalter said there were no new members to be inducted today. He has been working on the new roster and will place forms on the tables today for review by members. These cover only those who did not check or update their entries at the last meeting. There will also be forms on the tables requesting information on veterans’ service.

He is near to rolling out the new phone answering service and hopes to make an announcement to the members next month.

In the absence of a Little Sir, Big Sir Dennis Hembrey provided an update on speakers. Today it will be presentation from Director Dick Mitchell on classic cars that he has restored. Next month Tamara Polley will be the speaker. George Kellerman expressed a wish to request input from the members today on options for the content of her presentation.

Big Sir Dennis said that with no requests received for the fish option for lunch this will be dropped.

Dennis will be submitting form 63 for insurance indicating that we will not be using a caterer for lunches.

There was a discussion on the Mothers’ Day dinner. There was a motion to make the price of tickets $25 with the usual 3 options for the entree, MSP.

RAMP Chairman George Kellerman has resigned from the position and was commended and thanked for his service. This position plus those for Recruitment, Activities and Member Relationships remain unfilled. Will Reich is responsible for Publicity


Craig Hempler stated that he did not think that there was a problem with members joining just for the propane program. Non-attendance is not a problem. Eligibility for the propane program is based on being a member in good standing which is defined as being current with the payment of dues.

Meeting adjourned at 10:30

Next BEC meeting:.Thursday March 12th at 10:00 a.m. at the Elks