Meeting was called to order by Big Sir Dennis Hembrey at 10:05

Secretary Mike Clay called the roll, a quorum was present.

Officers present were Big Sir Dennis Hembrey, Little Sir Donald Ronalter, Secretary Mike Clay.

1 yr Director none present
2 yr Director Tony Pedroncelli,
3 yr Director Mariano Garces,
Others were not able to attend due to the short notice and timing.

Minutes for June 10th, 2021 were read. A motion was made to accept the minutes as presented. MSP.

No Form 20 Revisions to report.

Treasurer Jim Stenger was not present so the financial report was given by Big Sir Dennis Hembrey. We were close to break even on the June Lunch so there has only been a modest change in the bank balance but an exact figure was not available.

Membership Chairman Donald Ronalter reported that he has two new applications pending. He is waiting to determine the applicable membership dues before proceeding further. These are for Jeff Alexander and Rob (surname not available at the meeting).

Little Sir, Donald Ronalter reported on possible future speakers. Sheriff Pooley may be rescheduled for September. Later options are for a speaker on standby generators, someone from the DMV, and the Sonora High Football Coach.

Big Sir Dennis Hembrey reported that there were only 20 replies to confirm attendance at the July luncheon. This was a long way short of the 50 minimum needed by the caterer therefore he had cancelled the luncheon.

After a discussion with the Big Sir of the Twain Harte Group it was agreed that they would welcome SIR 77 members at their picnic. An email was sent to all SIR 77 members with details of the picnic. It was felt that it would be best to follow up with SIR 77 members via email rather than phone to try to ensure that all receive the information. We will not sell tickets for the picnic but will use the payment methods outlined by SIR Branch 172. Send a follow up email – Action: Dennis Hembrey.


There was a discussion concerning confirmation of attendance at the September meeting to determine if low attendance will be an ongoing problem. It was agreed that after the picnic we should contact all members to get a Yes/No answer concerning whether they wish to attend September’s meeting. A motion was made to direct Little Sir Donald Ronalter to do a mailing to all members with a stamped addressed reply card explaining the need for information about future attendance by way of a Yes/No choice – MSP..

Meeting adjourned at 10:50 

Next BEC meeting:.TBA.