Meeting was called to order by BIG Sir Donald Ronalter at 10:02

Secretary Mike Clay called roll, a quorum was present.

Officers present were Big Sir Donald Ronalter, Little Sir Dennis Hembrey, Secretary Mike Clay, Treasurer Jim Stenger.
1 yr Director Ed Boddington, Craig Hempler.
2 yr Director Jay Harris, Ken Lucas
3 yr Director Dick Mitchell, Tony Pedroncelli
Also present were Membership chair Paul Shell, Past Big Sir Larry Leatham, Chaplain Phil Jones and Area Governor Dale Decker.

Minutes for February 14th, 2019 were read. MSP to accept.

Treasurer Jim Stenger reported we had $3,902.22 in the bank at the end of February. We have about 80% of 2019 dues paid so far. Last month we had a loss of $53 on the luncheon because of poor attendance due to the bad weather.

Membership Chairman Paul Shell requested a motion to accept new members. MSP to accept Greg Thompson, Roy Kroeze and Bob Gonzales.

Little SIR reported on upcoming lunch speakers. Today there will be a presentation by Dr Freedman, a local Urologist. In March it will be Dr. Freedman. In May there will be someone from the Columbia Air Attack Base with the possibility of a visit to the base a few weeks later. In June it will be Area 12 on Aging.

Mother’s Day planning is underway. there will again be a competition for the best decorated hat. Craig’s wife Renee will be doing the table center pieces. Craig will print 100 tickets.

Following on from last month’s activity survey Dennis will coordinate with the other local groups.

Big Sir Donald Ronalter reported that training for the new audio visual equipment is complete. The use of the equipment during the Executive Committee Meeting was very useful. Donald summarized the findings of the Member activity survey. Donald reported on an assessment of the branch vis-a-vis other branches in terms of the health of the branch. In general the branch is in good shape.

George Kellerman was unable to attend due to health issues so there was no report on RAMP.


Dick Mitchell reported on his considerations for a SIR Mentoring Program. He has met with Michael Gole and Mary Watts of Columbia Community College. They were very receptive of what they termed a “job shadow” program. Dick plans to work on determining members skills and interests to align them with the 5 areas of concentration at Columbia College.


The meeting closed with a presentation by Dale Decker. He reported that there is a new SIR Manual on the State website. Also there is a new Branch Schedule of Operations. SIR Inc is looking at having a competition for the best branch. SIR Inc is building a new website for the public with pictures and music. It will feature a song “Don’t let the Old Man in”. Meeting adjourned at 10:53

Next meeting: April 11th, 2019 at 10:00 a.m..