Meeting was called to order by BIG Sir Donald Ronalter at 9:56

Secretary Mike Clay called roll, a quorum was present.

Officers present were Big Sir Donald Ronalter, Little Sir Dennis Hembrey, Secretary Mike Clay, Treasurer Jim Stenger. 1 yr Director Ed Boddington, Craig Hempler. 2 yr Director Ken Lucas Also present was past Big Sir Larry Leatham.

Minutes for April 11th, 2019 were read. MSP to accept.

Treasurer Jim Stenger reported we had $4,019.79 in the bank at the end of April. Last month we had a $300 surplus on the lunch.
Apologies for his absence were received from Membership Chairman Paul Shell. Big Sir Donald Ronalter presented a report on his behalf. He proposed that we drop 5 persons from the Membership Roster and Form 27 – Phil Balbuena (no response), Gary Robinson (no response), Peter Barnato, Dean Karahalios and Dale Keyser (last 3 asked to be dropped). There was general agreement to this proposal.

Paul asked for a recommendation from the BEC on how and when to distribute the updated 2019 roster. Big Sir Donald Ronalter proposed that we only print copies to order. He will ask at the next meeting and in the Newsletter for those wanting a copy to request one. There was general agreement to this action.

There are 3 applicants for membership to be voted on – Peter Pierron (dual membership), Mariano Garcia (transfer from 136) and Jim Ollman (transfer from 136). MSP to accept the applications. Paul Shell advised that according to Mariano Garcia there are 5 others looking to transfer from 136.

Little SIR reported on upcoming lunch speakers. In June it will be Area 12 on Aging. Sheriff Pooley is scheduled for July. The D.A. is tentatively scheduled for September. Options for October are CHP and Give Someone a Chance for November.

Mother’s Day planning is complete. There has been a good response to the prospect of a repeat of the Hat Competition. There will be 3 prizes – 2 tickets for the Christmas Dinner, 2 tickets to the picnic and a bottle of wine.

Big Sir Donald Ronalter reported that member Tom Ickes passed on April 19th.

Jay Harris is stepping down from being the BBQ pit master. Larry Leatham volunteered to call Tony Pedroncelli and ask him to take on the role.

Big Sir Donald presented a revised schedule of activity Chairmen of the Area 5 SIR organizations – copy attached.

Dale Decker is holding a Nominating Committee Workshop on May 30, 2019, 10:00 to noon. Donald, Dennis and George will attend.

George Kellerman was unable to attend due to health issues so there was no report on RAMP.

Ed Boddington, Fellowship Program Chairman, reported that 2 cards have been sent out on behalf of 77 – both for Tom Ickes.